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Brisbane’s premier iphone repairs hub, iPhone Ambulance, is here to guide you through one of the most common issues Apple users face: battery problems. As the iPhone 8 Plus stands as one of Apple’s hallmark devices, ensuring its optimal performance is crucial. This guide will give you a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about the iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement.

How to Replace the Battery in an iPhone 8 Plus

When the life of your Apple iPhones’ battery begins to wane, it’s crucial to know how to address it. Whether you’re feeling adventurous and leaning towards a DIY approach, or you prefer to trust expert technicians for your iPhone’s well-being, understanding the replacement process can be enlightening. Here, we further expand on the battery replacement steps.

DIY iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement: A Closer Look

If you’re someone who enjoys getting hands-on, here’s a more detailed guide:

  • toolsSafety First: Ensure your mobile phone is powered off. Work on a static-free surface, ideally using an anti-static wrist strap to prevent any accidental damage.
  • Prepare the Tools: You’ll need a Pentalobe screwdriver, a spudger, and a set of plastic opening tools.
  • Remove Pentalobe Screws: Located adjacent to the charging port, these screws secure the screen to the frame.
  • Pry the Screen Open: Use a plastic opening tool to gently detach the screen, starting from the bottom edge.
  • Locate the Battery Connector: Once inside, you’ll find the battery connector shielded by a metal cover. Remove this cover to disconnect the battery.
  • Replace the Battery: Carefully lift out the old battery using the spudger and place the new, high-quality replacement iPhone battery.
  • Reassemble Your iPhone: Reconnect the battery, secure the screen back to the frame, and screw in the Pentalobe screws. Power on your iPhone to ensure everything works smoothly.

However, remember that while the DIY route can feel rewarding, there’s always a risk. If your screen repair or battery replacement goes awry, you might end up paying more in the long run. Plus, DIY methods can void the month warranty.

Professional iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement: Added Insights

Professional repair is the way to go if you value safety, efficiency, and quality. Here’s why:

  1. Time-Efficient: With expert technicians at the helm, your iPhone will be up and running in no time. Most repairs in Brisbane at iPhone Ambulance are completed within an hour.
  2. Comprehensive Diagnostics: Before starting, the technician will run a full diagnostic to ensure there are no underlying issues.
  3. Genuine Parts: We use only high-quality parts that ensure longevity and optimal performance.
  4. Guaranteed Service: With our repair services, not only do you get a 6-month warranty, but we also ensure the utmost care is given to every repair. If anything isn’t right, it’s on us.

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iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement Cost

A battery replacement at iPhone Ambulance starts from a competitive price, ensuring high quality work without breaking the bank. Please contact us for the latest pricing details.

Signs Your iPhone 8 Plus Battery Needs to be Replaced

In the intricate world of Apple iPhones, understanding the signals your device sends is pivotal to ensuring its longevity and performance. While the iPhone 8 Plus is a marvel of engineering, like all mobile phones, its battery has a finite life. Here’s an extended list of signs that suggest your battery is waving a white flag:

  • Unexpected Shutdowns: Your iPhone might power off even when the battery percentage shows 20% or 30%. This erratic behavior indicates the battery’s inability to supply a consistent charge.
  • Extended Charge Times: Remember the time when your iPhone would charge rapidly? If it’s taking an eternity now, it’s a red flag.
  • Overheating Issues: Occasional warmth during heavy usage or charging is standard. However, if your iPhone consistently becomes too hot to handle, the battery might be the culprit.cellphone problems
  • Visible Swelling: A swollen battery can lead to the screen being pushed out or other components being displaced. If you notice this, seek iphone repairs immediately.
  • Battery Percentage Jumps: If your battery percentage jumps erratically, for example, from 80% to 40% within minutes, it’s indicative of a calibration or battery health issue.
  • Reduced Performance: Ever noticed apps taking longer to open, or general sluggishness? Apple has admitted to slowing down iPhones with older batteries to prevent unexpected shutdowns. Checking the battery’s health in settings can give more insights.
  • iOS Battery Health Warning: Starting from iOS 11.3, Apple introduced a Battery Health feature. If you see a message like “Your battery’s health is significantly degraded,” it’s a clear indication you should consider a battery replacement service.
  • Frequent Low Power Mode: If you find yourself consistently using Low Power Mode to get through the day, it might be time to refresh the battery.
  • Diminished Talk Time: Once your talk or standby time begins to wane considerably from the original specs, it’s a clear indication of a battery nearing its end.
  • Apps Crashing: If you find apps crashing more frequently, especially power-intensive ones, the battery might not be delivering the required peak power.

How to Extend the Life of Your iPhone 8 Plus Battery

  • Adjust Brightness: Dim your screen or use auto-brightness.
  • Update Apps: Outdated apps can drain the battery faster.
  • Limit Background App Refresh: Let apps refresh only when opened.

Benefits of Replacing Your iPhone 8 Plus Battery

Replacing the battery of your iPhone 8 Plus might seem like an unnecessary expense, especially when the device is still functional. But, delving deeper reveals a plethora of advantages. Here’s an extended list showcasing why investing in a new battery can be a game-changer:

  • camera 1869430 1280Revitalized Performance: One of the first things you’ll notice post-replacement is the enhanced speed and responsiveness. Your apps will launch quicker, and multitasking will feel smoother. Essentially, your iPhone will perform closer to how it did when it was brand new.
  • Extended Device Lifespan: In a world obsessed with the latest gadgets, making your existing devices last longer is both economical and eco-friendly. A new battery can add years to your iPhone’s life.
  • Consistent Power Output: No more sudden shutdowns or erratic power drops. A new battery ensures consistent power distribution, ensuring that all features of your mobile phone function seamlessly.
  • Improved User Experience: With a revitalized battery, you get to enjoy all features of your iPhone to the fullest, be it gaming, photography, or video streaming. No more compromising or fearing battery drain.
  • Increased Resale Value: If you ever decide to part ways with your iPhone 8 Plus, having a recently replaced battery can be a selling point. Prospective buyers often value devices that won’t require immediate iphone repairs.
  • Cost Efficiency: While there is an upfront cost for the battery replacement, in the long run, you save money. You’d be spared from frequently visiting repairs in Brisbane due to related issues or even from buying a new phone.
  • Safety: Aged batteries, especially those showing signs of bulging, are safety hazards. They can leak or even explode under extreme conditions. A timely replacement ensures you’re not carrying a potential hazard in your pocket.
  • Enhanced Features Utilization: Features like GPS, high-resolution video recording, or Augmented Reality (AR) apps demand significant power. A fresh battery ensures you can use these features without worrying about your phone dying halfway.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your iPhone won’t shut down in the middle of an important call, during navigation, or while capturing a perfect moment offers invaluable peace of mind.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By extending the lifespan of your iPhone, you’re reducing electronic waste. Fewer devices disposed of means a lesser burden on our environment.

Where to Get Your iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replaced

fav ia tempChoose iPhone Ambulance for your repair needs. With expert technicians, we guarantee a great job. We’re the top choice for iPhone and screen repair services in Brisbane. Once the repairs are completed, your device will feel brand new!

We understand how essential your device is to your daily routine. So whether it’s a battery or screen repair issue, iPhone Ambulance is committed to offering unparalleled repair services to the Brisbane community.

If you’re contemplating a battery replacement or any other service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your iPhone deserves the best, and we’re here to deliver just that.