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Process of Mobile Repair


Find Fast, Affordable iPhone Screen Repairs Today

No one truly plans to need iPhone screen repairs, but it can be a significant source of stress when the need does arise. We depend on our smartphones daily to keep us connected, navigate us to the right locations, and of course, to keep us entertained. When your phone slips out of your grasp or takes a fall onto a hard surface, the worst feeling is the one you get picking it back up and seeing the spiderweb patterns of broken glass distorting your view of the screen.

Trying to make do with a broken phone screen is a frustrating affair, especially when it interferes with your ability to use apps or enjoy the full functionality of the device. Is your only option an expensive repair at a cramped shop that requires you to travel to their location? The answer to that question is a resounding "no" — not when you call iPhone Ambulance instead. As a fully mobile and highly affordable service, we can help you get back to enjoying your device in no time with fast iPhone screen repairs with Apple or third-party hardware.

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Why not just try to live with the problem? It's common to see people carrying around phones with broken screens, sometimes for very long periods. However, there are good reasons to consider opting for a repair as soon as you can. Here's why:

iPhone Screen Repairs: About
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  • Admit it: a broken screen is unsightly, and it's not very easy to use anymore, either. A smartphone should be an item of convenience, not a source of frustration every time you need to tap something that's underneath the broken glass.

  • While not dangerous, a second drop in the future could further damage the device. Taking care of the issue now equals peace of mind.

  • If you intend to eventually sell the phone to someone else or trade it in for credit towards a new device, a broken screen will impact its value.

iPhone Screen Repairs: About


When you need help with iPhone 8 repairs or an even older model such as the 6, why should you opt for assistance from the iPhone Ambulance team? When you see the excellent service we offer, it's easy to understand why we're the best option in the area. Here's how we stand apart:

iPhone Screen Repairs: About
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  • We are completely mobile. That's right: we come directly to you to provide repairs. Best of all, we don't charge a call-out fee for the privilege, either. Our free service ensures you're only paying for the repairs, not our travel.

  • We offer some of the most competitive rates possible on aftermarket HQ screens and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) screens. Because we don't have to pay rent on a physical location, we can pass the savings on to you.

  • We work quickly and put your phone back in action in no time. You won't spend long waiting for us to arrive at a scheduled appointment, nor will it take us long to execute a successful repair.

iPhone Screen Repairs: About


What should you expect when you call us and ask for help with an iPhone 6 screen repair? We're committed to providing a friendly and stress-free experience from start to finish. Let's briefly walk through what you can anticipate when you've scheduled service with our mobile team.

iPhone Screen Repairs: About
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  • First, book your appointment. We make the process quick and easy. We primarily operate during the week, but we can sometimes arrange Sundays and after hours by special request. During booking, you can choose which type of screen replacement you want.

  • Next, wait for us to arrive. Hand over your phone after we arrive with our tools and your new screen ready to go.

  • We quickly replace the broken glass, install the new screen and test your device's functionality to ensure it is in good order. We return the device to you, and we're on our way in no time.

iPhone Screen Repairs: About


After we fix your iPhone 8 or carry out quick iPhone 7 repairs, what can you do in future to ensure that your investment was worth the time and effort? Here are some of our quick tips for extending the value of your repair and keeping your phone safe:

iPhone Screen Repairs: About
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  • Invest in a stronger phone case, especially those that have shock-absorbing capabilities. Protect the edges of your phone to reduce the likelihood of cracks.

  • Use a tempered glass screen protector to provide the first line of defence against direct impacts, such as accidentally dropping an object onto your phone.

  • Be mindful of where you place your device and consider using a smartphone grip to make it easier to hold with one hand.

iPhone Screen Repairs: About


iPhone Ambulance is an independently-owned repair service offering complete mobile solutions to our clients, serving the Brisbane and Ipswich areas. With options for contactless repairs and some of the lowest possible prices in the region, we aim to provide an altogether different approach to the smartphone repair process. Leave the stress and hassle of finding time to take your phone in to a repair shop behind.

Contact us today to learn about our options and to schedule your visit from our team. Remember — we never charge call-out fees.

iPhone Screen Repairs: About
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